Faul Family / St. Albert Family Photographer



Here is the Faul Family!  We had rescheduled our appt due to weather for a second time, and upon arriving at our shooting location, it starts to rain again!  Mom didn’t want to have to get the family ready again for another rescheduled appointment, so we waited for a bit to see if it would pass, but no luck:(  So I called my friend in Sturgeon County to see if it was raining there, and she said it wasn’t!  So we drove out there and as we arrive it started to spitting rain.  Lucky for us, it didn’t do much more than that, and the sun came out near the end of our shoot, and turned our to be a beautiful evening!  Finally a little luck on our sides!  Check out Dad throwing up Gavin!  He must be over 12 feet in the air, cause Dad must be at least 6 feet already!







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