Happy Birthday Kai! I had such a great time photographing this “Little Man”.  He is so adorable with his little bow tie and his fedora!  His sweet smile is so infectious!  I hope you enjoy this cutie pie as much as I do!!!  I did this 1st birthday celebration in my home photography studio located in St. Albert, Alberta.  I am always looking for more little clients as I love working with children!  Kai was so much fun to work with, look at that adorable smile looking over his shoulder.  I always suggest that we do the cake smash photo session about 4-6 weeks before your child turns one, so that you will have the images available to print for their actual birthday party.  You can then tie in the theme from the cake smash to your own party.  Kai’s outfit was so cute with his little blue fedora hat, bow tie, suspenders and blue jean shorts.  I love it!  He was rocking this outfit!  I like to add in props to my session to add variety to my images. Like the first photo, I added an old mini wooden step ladder for Kai to hold on to, and it worked perfectly allowing him to hold on and give us this gorgeous smile over his shoulder.   I also used my cute little white chair to allow Kai to sit comfortably and give him every opportunity to look at the camera.  Children usually love this chair because they feel like they are a big boy sitting in such a large chair!  One of my favorite poses is when Kai got on his hands and knees and started crawling towards me, just love the angle and how it shows how young he really is!

      I would love to capture your little one at this amazing stage in their lives….please contact me to make an appointment!

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