Saiya you are such a beautiful little soul!  I had the honour of photographing you for your newborn session and now your 7 months sitter stage, and I can’t get enough of your adorable little face!   Saiya you are so lucky to have such wonderful parents you adore you so much!  Thanks for sharing your milestones with me:)   Hope you enjoy this post!

      This is my milk bath tub, but we decided not to put the milk in…lol!


      Such a gorgeous family!  You all look stunning!  So happy to have met all of you, and hope you will make more babies soon, because Saiya is ADORABLE!



      Saiya loves to stick her tongue out, she even stuck it out when she was a newborn baby!


      How cool is that!  She did this so many times during your sitter stage photo session…it brought back memories instantly!

      st albert newborn photographer dawn weir


      Mom and Dad are fans of the Edmonton Oilers, so we had to make sure we got one with her little itty bitty jersey!  Isn’t she so sweet?


      I feel like this is the best stage to photograph babies…they don’t crawl, stay put, and give the BEST expressions and are so easily entertained.