I did this children’s photo session in my home studio a week ago or so!  Look at these 2 sweethearts Colton and Willa!  I really enjoyed meeting this family and boy did Mom get her workout running around for me trying to get her babes to smile!  She did an awesome job, and I am so pleased with the results.  I had a bit of a challenge with Colton’s glasses and trying to avoid the dreaded glare.  I tried moving my studio light in every angle and the only way it worked was full side lighting…slightly behind him…not the best lighting of course, but he looks so cute with them on, I totally understood Mom wanting them in the photos!  He took them off for me at the end just in case I need to super impose his eyes, and only knowing him less than an hour, it didn’t suit him!  He looks so adorable with his glasses!!!

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