Edmonton Fall Photo Session with the

      S Family!

      Here is the beautiful S Family!  Well all I can say is the family must have lots of luck on their side as we only had this one hour window to photograph this extended family and the weather was cold and raining except for the 1 hour we had booked them for!  Yes, that is right it rained for 24 hrs or more and there was a one hour window that it stopped!  The day was still cold and very dark and dreary, but thank god for photoshop!!!  I can’t believe it!  You can see the water puddles in the photo, but the fact that we could even do the shoot is a miracle!!!  It was great meeting the family and seeing one of my 1st wedding customers taken many many years ago as they now have 3 beautiful children that are very grown up!  I hope you enjoy your family photos and so glad it worked out for you and your family!!!!  All the best!