I can’t believe that August is around the corner, and I will be heading into the busy fall family photography sessions. I wanted to share some cool family photography locations in the Edmonton and St. Albert area with you. I will be blogging a different location for you to look at over the next few weeks! I don’t know anyone who says I have too many family photos and we didn’t need to take so many!!! If you are like me, it is always…darn I didn’t take any photos again during our holiday…yes, that is me! I go to make my family photo calendar in December every year, and I look at my photos and say…so what did we do in July…I don’t have any photos 🙂

      There are so many family photo locations within the Edmonton and St. Albert region for family photos it really is just a matter of preference. My first blog post will be for the Edmonton MacTaggart Sanctuary Park with Whitemud Creek going through it!!! Just love it!


      1. Edmonton MacTaggart Sanctuary Park – lots of colorful leaves in the fall, gorgeous steel blue walk bridge, Whitemud Creek, walking paths, beautiful scenery overlooking the bridge and creek, …just love this place!!Here is one of my family/maternity photography session held at Magtaggart Sanctuary with the N family! I just love this family so much<3:


      Here is another family photography session with the lovely S Family! I have so much fun photographing this family!

      family photo session mactaggart sanctuary