The Best Family Fall Photography Locations in St. Albert and Edmonton Area

      As a photographer, I often get asked where is the best locations to take family photos?  Well, there are a lot of factors that go into the selection of the location for any given family photography session.  The time of the day and year will play a huge part in how I select a particular location for my clients.  Lighting…that’s right, I choose lighting first before I choose the location background, because if I am shooting in the morning the sun in in the East and in the evening the sun is in the West.  One location can be better depending on where the light is during the day.  Some locations only work in mornings or only work in the evenings.    I ask lots of questions as to what my clients like…greenery, colorful flowers, architecture, buildings, farmers fields, barns, benches, paths, rivers, ponds, fall colors, …the list is endless, but this helps me to understand what my clients are looking for.  Once I determine the type of backgrounds they like, I will then choose the best time of the year, and time of the day to do the Edmonton or St. Albert family photography session.   Here are some of my favorites, but I can photograph some of the most beautiful photos on the side of a highway, so I don’t really have a favorite location.

      Click on the images below to see galleries for each St. Albert and Edmonton location for family photos!