Edmonton and St. Albert Children Photography

      I offer Edmonton and St. Albert Children photography for all ages within the Edmonton and St. Albert area.  The best times to photograph your baby is at the sitter stage (6-8 months old) and then again at one years old and every year after that.  The sitter stage is by far my favorite!  At this stage your child can sit up unassisted, and doesn’t crawl yet.  (Yep you guessed it!  Sounds like a dream right!)  This allows us to place your child in baskets, buckets and props safely and they can’t leave the set.  Your child is also very impressionable, and hasn’t started to make shy yet, making it easier to get some of the best smiles.  When children are capable of running around and unable to sit still, I always recommend a photo session outdoors, so your child will not be confined to a small area and expected to perform.  When shooting outside, I can use a long lens so that I am not in your child’s face, but still capture their true personalities while at play.

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