St. Albert & Edmonton Maternity Photographer Dawn Weir

      First of all…CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby on the way!

      When to book a maternity photography session?

      I offer maternity photography in Edmonton within the 7th and 8th month (31-34 weeks) of pregnancy. If you are carrying multiple babies closer to 6th-7th month.

      All pregnancy photography sessions are held either in my home studio located in St. Albert, AB or on location (weather permitting) in the Edmonton or St. Albert area (travel cost may apply). Each session is carefully stylized to suit your tastes and preferences. You will have full access to my maternity gowns. Each session will be approximately 45 minutes. You baby’s Daddy is always welcome during the session. If you have other children there is an additional cost to do the entire family.

      Maternity Photography Wardrobe

      I offer wardrobe for my maternity clients, although some clients choose to wear their own clothing as well. The right outfit is KEY to a successful maternity photography session. It should be an investment as well as the photos, because if you don’t put the time and money in making the best wardrobe for your session, your photos will show exactly that. I will work with you very closely and help you feel confident and prepared for picking out the perfect outfit. Long flowy gowns are my favorite for maternity sessions and strongly recommend you wear one.

      I know there are lots of women that don’t wear dresses, but this session isn’t about photographing your everyday self, this is about celebrating womanhood and feeling confident and beautiful. Any client who has told me they don’t want to wear a dress, I simply take a few photos in a beautiful gown, and guess what they order? That’s right the ones in dresses! Never fails, so please trust me!

      Maternity Photography Location Options

      I recommend my St. Albert studio maternity photo sessions during bad weather or if you like a cozy intimate feel to your photos. I recommend an outdoor session in the Edmonton and St. Albert area if you are looking for a scenic feel and a bit more candid. I will work with you to decide the best location given the time of year and what you are looking for. All my maternity sessions will have up to 45 images to choose from with a wide variety of poses, angles and expressions. I will present your images in an online gallery where you will choose your favorites based on the package your have chosen.

      To view maternity gowns available for use during your photography session: CLICK HERE

      I offer Maternity Photography in Edmonton and St. albert. To book your BOOK A SESSION TODAY!

      Here is my gallery of maternity photography in Edmonton and St. Albert…