FAQ’s for Newborn Photography Sessions with Dawn Weir

      When should I book my Edmonton or St. Albert Newborn photo session with Photography By Dawn Weir?

      The sooner the better! There is no “too early” for booking a Edmonton or St. Albert newborn photo session, but I do unfortunately run into “too late.”  Newborn sessions fill up a couple of months in advance for the most part, and the best way to secure a priority photography session is to book early.  It is very important that I see your baby within 10 days of life.  In the Edmonton and St. Albert area, there is a high demand for photographers so please book early!

      When should the newborn photography session take place?

      St. Albert Newborn photography sessions should take place during the first 10 days after delivery, preferably between 5 and 10 days.  This is a good time frame for those sleepy photos, as the babies tend to like being zonked out (or milk drunk) for longer periods of time during the first couple of weeks.  The newborn baby will also curl up easily as they are fresh out of the womb, and have not had a chance to stretch out.  Newborns also start to get baby acne around the 2 week mark, so photographing your newborn during this time will avoid this.

      Where does the session occur?

      All newborn photo sessions take place in my home studio in St. Albert, Alberta. I also serve Edmonton, Leduc, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Gibbons, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, Morinville, and Devon as my location is within 1 hr of all of these places and just off the Anthony Henday.

      What can I expect when I arrive at your studio for a newborn photo session?

      When you come, I want you to relax on the comfortable sectional couch (lie down and have a nap if you like, as I know you are very tired), watch TV, read a book, while I have fun photographing your new little newborn baby. I also provide a fridge full of juice, water, and a variety of pop. There is also a basket full of snacks if you get hungry, or didn’t have a chance to eat before you come! I want you to feel at home, and feel relaxed and comfortable while I work with your baby.


      Once you book a Edmonton or St. Albert newborn session with me, I select a day approximately 1 week after your due date. Since newborns don’t always follow our timing, I allot for different session times around that due date. If baby comes early, call or email me on day 1 of arrival, (I get lots of hospital bed text messages too!) to firm up date and time. If baby has not come 5 days prior to our appointment, please contact me so we can reschedule your appointment a few more days out. Remember that we want to work into that first 10 days, so the sooner you can let me know your little one has arrived, the better!


      A newborn photo session will last anywhere between 2 and 4 hours. Allot for a good amount of time, just in case. I never rush newborn sessions, only book one a day, and always take breaks for feedings, cuddling and soothing. I comfortable relaxed environment will also reflect how baby sleeps and performs:)


      Yep! I have closets full of photography props for your St. Albert newborn session. I have a wide assortment of baskets, buckets, blankets, backdrops, floors, headbands, flowers, wraps, and hats! My home studio has been overtaken by all the props I have….I am a prop-o-holic! You do not need to provide anything for the session.


      Newborns look best in their birthday suit, so no need for big wardrobes there. A easy newborn sleeper with a zipper is preferred. No undershirts etc, as I have to get all this off without waking your baby. Less is more!!! I often use Dad’s arms as “props,” and for those shots black t-shirts or black long sleeved shirts work great. If you are planning to be photographed with your baby (which I HIGHLY encourage!), wearing a black shirt (short sleeve or long depending on if you like your arms) will hide your post pregnancy belly. You can also wear neutral tones as they are beautiful too. Browns, beiges, creams, and pastels.


      I will try my best to accommodate all requests for special newborn photography shots with siblings. Please see pricing for additional charges. Keep in mind that small children are very difficult to work with when we add in a newborn into the mix. I take safety of the newborn very seriously and depending on your older child, it may or may not work out.


      There are a few ways to help in preparing for a smooth session.

      Please try to keep your baby awake 1 to 2 hrs prior to our session. Give him/her a bath.
      Please try to feed baby before you come, if you want you can come early (please let me know) to feed prior to session if you would like as well.
      Please bring a bottle of formula or pumped milk (it’s quicker than nursing and is helpful when baby is already in position and I just need a couple swallows to soothe them long enough to get the shot, not to give a full feed.
      Please bring a pacifier/soother even if baby doesn’t take one. This can be a game changer when working with newborns. I am only using this when I have your baby in a hard adorable position and your baby needs a bit of soothing. If you don’t bring one…then I will have no tricks up my sleeve to get the shot, and you may not get all those cute poses your heart was set on.
      Please don’t put any extra layers of clothes on your baby…just a zipper sleeper please! The less clothing I have to remove the better!